How to Flip a Video
How to Flip a Video

How to Flip a Video

This tutorial will teach you how to edit and flip a video horizontally. I am assuming you have Kdenlive video editor installed on your computer.

1. Open KDenlive.
2. Import the video to be edited.
– Select Project » Add Clip
– Browse for your video
– Click OK
3. Mouse-drag your video from the left sidebar to the Track Area.
4. Click Play button to preview your video.
5. On the Track Area, right-click on your video clip.
6. From the menu, select Add Effect » Misc » O-F » Flippo.
7. Uncheck the Y axis check box.
8. Click Play button to preview the effect.
9. Click Render.
10. Click Render to File. Wait for Kdenlive to render the video.
11. Check the rendered video.

On the input video, the boat was moving from left to right.
Then, the resulting video shows a boat moving from right to left.

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