Word Gizmo

Word Gizmo is a word game where you doodle to spell.

With description or illustration as clue, unscramble the letters to guess the word per round. The words are grouped into categories. You get to choose a category to play each time.

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As you play, Word Gizmo boosts your vocabulary… one word at a time. The app is both entertaining and educational. Physically, this game exercises your hand-eye coordination. Resource-wise, the app is free, lightweight, and playable even without Internet connection. The installer is currently less than 12mb.

On Future Versions

We are currently preparing more word categories. As for the additional features, we shall add…

  • Playing of sound as clue. This will be useful for language and pronunciation-related categories.
  • Support for acronyms. We aim that the app will also help people learn their acronyms.
  • Custom words from users. The app shall allow users to securely add their own words of any language to the app. Here are some sample scenarios.
    • Adding the words of a new language you are starting to learn.
    • Adding picture and name of each of your family members so your kid can spell out your names.
    • Leisurely take picture of things around the house, then make your house mates resolve the item names on the app.

Learning kids tend to avoid playing word games as they consider it as for-adults-only. Puasoft believes the gap can be addressed if the older ones can customize games for their learning children.

Word Gizmo is currently available for Android devices via Play Store.

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Did you know that…

Word Gizmo is featured by GameKeys.net under Hand-picked Underrated Games.

Privacy Policy

The creator of Word Gizmo takes a proactive approach to user privacy and ensure the necessary steps are taken to protect the privacy of its users throughout their user experience.

Word Gizmo do not access, collect or transmit user-sensitive data like phone numbers, email, address, and the like. The app uses the minimum number of permissions needed for it to function.